Emalda Philip

Always Push Yourself to The Next Level

Always Push
Yourself to
The Next Level

If you are not willing to risk the usual,
you will have to settle for the ordinary.

Hi, I'm Emalda

lam a dreamer! I believe that it is your moral responsibility to turn your dreams into reality. I am living my dream and I am confident, you can too. Let’s work together and design the path to your success!

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Words- The Driver of change

September 8, 2023

Words- The Driver of change “Don’t cry like a girl” “She wears the pants in the family” “Be a Man” “He gossips like an aunty”…

Self growth Journey

August 17, 2023

Self-growth is a journey, not a destination! The decision to be a mom was probably the most difficult decision I had to make. Simply because…

Thank you so much. Last whole week was spectacular and i was filled with enthusiasm. Thank you for appreciating me. Your energy, your vibes just reached out to me. Suddenly don't know how but i have this vibes of "POWER OF NOW". So, i rephrase my words and senetences into a "power of now" mode so that i can move a step forward . Your suggestions did wonders in my survey form. It added a lot of value amd clarity. Truly grateful for seeing that potential in me which was lost for a long time. Thank you once again 😊😊

Vaishal Hathi

Thank you so much Emalda. You are a true mentor. You have boosted my confidence that I can do so much. You have brought me to a different level. You are an angel who came in my life. Thank you for inspiring me.

Hina Ambareen

Thank you so much 🙏🏻 "I'm at a loss for words as to how much you've impacted my life Really m so lucky I have u as a my coach . It means alot for me . You're a great coach and I deeply value the time we've spent together and the progress you've helped me make in my life. I wouldn't be this far along in my goals or have this much courage to push forward without your support. 🙏🏻 Grateful🙇🏼‍♀️


It was truly a fabulous experience to learn under your guidance. The way you resonate and hand hold is extraordinary. You made felt it so personal that for a moment I was able to release the subconscious stress by discussing it with you. I wish you a great success ahead. You are going to impact many lives. God Bless 🙌🌸

Baljinder Singh

I found you beautiful😊, kind 👏🏾 and patient.👍🏽 The most enlightening area you helped me with is around my fear doubt and procrastination when you told me that if I wanted to act more easily and share my gifts to the world, I just have to put my focus on how I can serve best instead of being focused on me and my feelings. What helped me tremendously is that you simplify and defuse any anxiety I could have about the course and the schedule. Knowing that I can reach you at any moment is very comforting. As a big sister myself in a family of eight, it is the first time I had someone taking care of me, reassuring me and showing me the way, it is a new feeling for me as I tend to be the one deciding and in charge. So thank you for everything I can already see the shift in my behaviour. Thank you very very much

Constance Adinsi Training Manager

Working with Emalda was soo much fun. She is an Amazing & very Empathetic listener. You can talk to her for hours and she will keep listening to you without interrupting and without judging you . You feel so free talking to her because she creates that non-judgemental and safe environment for you where can feel heard and uplifted. You come out feeling so energized and encouraged to take action, after your meeting with her. That is the skill which I have also been working for quite sometime but I really have to say that I am not there as far as she has reached Sharing with her my thoughts openly allowed me to get clarity in my own mind and I have already started to take action on ideas 💡 I have been sitting on for quite some time.

Kalpana sharma Real Estate Investor

My experience with you was amazing. You took me out from my first resistance of language. You turned around my way of thinking.. Thankyou so much. Glad to be with you in this journey!!!

Pooja malhotra Editor in Doordarshan

I always look forward to my conversation with Emalda. She helps me strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She quickly pinpoints the crux of the situation and never leaves me with any questions, doubts but provides with ideas to ponder. Thank you so much for coming in my life.. Lots of love ❤️

Shilpa Bhamley Teacher

I had known emalda as an acquaintance before we started this journey together. We were totally out of touch for almost 3 years and one day suddenly I touch base with her after seeing her instagram post. I believe that, she helping me out as a life coach was destiny waiting to happen. She's an extremely professional and a wonderful coach, who will walk the journey with you, no matter how difficult, or how long it takes for you to show improvements, until feels confident in you. The very best thing is she's a great listener, extremely patient, humble and down to earth. She has played a major role in healing me. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wishes heal themselves and want to seek self improvement. God bless.


Emalda brings her best self to each interaction. Her enthusiasm and contagious energy already makes one feel cheerful, even before starting the conversation. She provides the right balance of support and independence, leading to as comfortable a change as it can get! She provides a non-judgmental platform and doesn't shy away from sharing her own life experiences and growth stories. The genuine intent with which she welcomes you makes all the difference. Thank you for having such a big heart, Emalda. You're a rockstar!

Sarita Karsija

The journey of self discovery and development . I have been very lucky & blessed to come across Emalda as one of my coaches in journey of self development. She is amazingly warm ,very authentic and she is very good at picking your pain points and giving the right crisp guidance needed and which is not just a guidance but she brings about a shift in mindset very naturally , she is soo good at picking the pain points and by empowering and helping me instantly change a huge permanent shift by clearing my old beliefs and changing my outlook into new perspective Each session was a new layer of getting rid of old me and becoming a better new . I really appreciate and was blessed to have her in my journey would love be around her energy always .

Ruby Rana Bangalore

My experience with you was amazing. I am very grateful that a long time dream of waking up early and starting my day early has come true because of you. It has helped me to be more productive. The simple yet powerful activities like gratitude, victory log, visualization exercise has stayed with me and has impacted my life in a very positive way. I am happy with my decision of embarking on this journey with you.

Nikhil Chaudhari

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